Welcome to Dante Alighieri Society Townsville

The Townsville Dante Alighieri Society is a vibrant, active non profit organization established with the enthusiasm and the dedication of local well-wishers. It has been operating in Townsville for over 20 years and is one of many branches located worldwide.

The Society is primarily funded through membership fees, the proceeds of language and cooking courses, and a number of other activities it organizes and plans throughout the year.


New Italian Language Courses starting soon for adults of all levels… Click for more information

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Language and Cooking Courses

It has been several years now that the Dante Alighieri Society of Townsville has run regular Italian language (and in the past cooking courses). They are well attended and well known throughout Northern Queensland.

They attract an even number of Australians of both Italian and non-Italian background, showing how the sweet language of ‘sí’ and all things Italian, maintain through time the charm and charisma that has made Italian the most popular language in Europe in times gone by.

The Society is committed to maintaining these courses as the main activities of the organization.

All educational activities are looked after by a Courses Director, who is a member of the Executive and a long standing member of the society.

Social Highlights

Throughout the year the Townsville Dante Alighieri Society holds educational and recreational events, which range from movie screenings of recent Italian film releases at cinemas, dinners, lectures on Italy, Italian films, music, art, social games and so on. These cultural meetings are usually announced on the Dante Facebook Page.

The Townsville Dante Alighieri Society also supports and participates in local celebrations and festivals, such as the Italian Republic Day usually held at a local “well visited” Italian restaurant, the Multicultural Fest and many other artistic events that promote Italian culture and art.

Dante Italian Movie Night

Dante Italian Movie Night

” Un Boss in Salotto”

Friday 13th October 6.30pm

at Dante Premises unit 9/203 Kings Road



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Latest Courses

Italian Language Courses

Beginners – Commenced  Wednesday 27th September

– Commenced Monday 7th August


 Conversation intermediate to advanced level – New Group starting Thursday 9th November 7.00pm

email: dantetownsville@iinet.net.au

or call: 0497037146
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